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Case study Profile-and-case-study-of-patient-Marko-Malenica

Case details



Before / After

A before and after image

Marko-before-orthodontics Marko-after

Case description

Progenia and class III relationship (lower jaw and teeth incorrectly set in front of the upper teeth) with a forced bite, crossbite on both sides (the upper back teeth set incorrectly from the inside in relation to the lower ones), worn-down dentition of the front teeth, deep bite, preprosthetic preparation.


This case shows the consequences of an irregular bite, and here they’re worn-down dentition and vertical shortening of the front teeth. As the teeth were worn down they grew to compensate. As a result, a gummy smile, increased visibility of the gingiva when smiling, was formed.


After processing all diagnostic data, and taking into account the bias of the incisors and the possibility of occluding into an edge bite, a treatment plan was made. The plan included fixed orthodontic appliances with monocrystalline brackets without orthognathic surgery. The challenge was setting the teeth into ideal relationships so that the worn down dental mass can be prosthetically replaced in ideal occlusion. This ideal occlusion will create the basis for a long-term good prognosis of prosthetic work.

Also, the front upper teeth needed to be raised to reduce the visibility of the gums when smiling. As can be seen in the after image, orthodontic therapy enabled excellent prosthetic rehabilitation and all goals were successfully accomplished. The orthodontic treatment was done by orthodontist – Marko Grgurić, and the prosthetic rehabilitation by an excellent doctor of dental medicine specializing in esthetic stomatology, Željko Kovač