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We offer complete orthodontic services in dental treatment at our specialist clinic in Zagreb.

Featured orthodontic services

We would like to point out the types of treatment from the field of orthodontics with which we bring back full esthetics and functionality of smile and bite to our patients.

Orthodontics through clear aligners

Transparent appliances for teeth correction known as aligners or clear aligners, also known as clear braces.

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Mini-implants (TADs)

Orthodontic mini-implants are titanium or steel small diameter screws. Unlike standard implants, the purpose of mini-implants in orthodontics isn’t replacing lost teeth but offering an additional anchor. They have greatly expanded the possibilities of orthodontic treatment.

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Orthodontics with braces and wires

Fixed orthodontic appliances are brackets that are set to the front of the teeth and are connected by wire which is replaced or tightened as the treatment progresses.

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Orthodontics combined with orthognathic surgery

Surgical procedures in stomatology are sometimes necessary in order to successfully complete the treatment or corrective procedures on teeth. Surgical procedures in terms of orthodontic treatment are also sometimes necessary in order to fix the position and shape of the jaw and to achieve the harmony of face and smile.

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Child orthodontics

Irregular tooth growth starts very early on. During the process of replacing baby teeth with permanent teeth there is usually very little thought given on how they are growing and will it lead to an irregular bite. Orthodontics in childhood is primarily concerned with regular growth and development and correcting irregular bite.

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Complete orthodontic therapy

Our team of expert orthodontists in Zagreb always follows the latest trends and technologies in orthodontics so that they can offer our patients the best possible treatment and experience. We offer and individualized approach, the use of high quality materials and regular checkups in order to make sure we achieve the wanted results.


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