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Privacy policy

Introduction Orthodontic clinic of dr. Grgurić, 14 Charles Darwin street, 10000 Zagreb, OIB: 15261283977, is also the data processing Handler. is a web page through which the Publisher gives complete information about products and services that are part of the offer of the aforementioned orthodontic clinic. The User of the web page, or more specifically one or any of the services of the Orthodontic clinic of dr. Grgurić is a natural or legal person who uses or has used the webpage. The web page implies all Internet pages and their parts which fall under the domain.


The privacy policy prescribes rules and conditions which relate to the conduct connected to personal information of every User, and explains the way in which their private information is gathered, processed, and protected.

In the Orthodontic clinic of dr. Grgurić, it is well known that the privacy and the protection of personal information is important to all users of IQ Dent services. Due to that, the way the personal information is gathered, processed, and protected is clear. The aforementioned privacy policy is applicable to any web page under the domain, as well as any other way of accessing the services via the internet, regardless of the device the User uses to access the aforementioned web page. 

The User, by using the aforementioned web pages agrees to all of the given conditions and agrees to using the aforementioned web page in accordance with the conditions. The right to use these web pages and services is the users own personal right and can’t be transferred to any other natural or legal person. The confidentiality protection of passwords is the personal responsibility of the User. The User is also acquainted with the fact that sometimes technical issues may arise during the operations of the Internet networks. The User is also acquainted with the fact that due to those same issues and other events out of the control of IQ Dent there also may be an interruption to services. Because of this IQ Dent is not responsible for any loss of data that may arise when transferring information via the Internet or any other event that may happen while IQ Dent is providing their services. 

Changes to the privacy policy reserves the right to discontinue any segment of business, change availability times, content, and necessary equipment to access and use the aforementioned page and subpages, at any point in time.

IQ Dent can stop sending information, change or discontinue any type of data transfer, and change the speeds of data transfer. IQ Dent reserves the right to change or remove any part of the Privacy Policy if needed, at any time, without prior notice. If changes to the Privacy policy come to pass, and the user keeps using the IQ Dent Orthodontic clinic services, they are seen as accepting the Privacy Policy in the new, revised state. Every eventual change or deletion in the Privacy policy is valid the moment it is published on the pages.

It is recommended that every user reads the Privacy policy in detail before using the aforementioned page, in order to become familiar with the way their personal information is being handled with every use of services or the aforementioned web page. It is important that the user keep track of all updates to the Privacy policy and other rules of use for the web page. The newest version of the Privacy policy will always be available here, and the user can, at any moment, check the date of change to find out when the last update occurred.

How is the data gathered?

The User’s information is gathered the moment they send it themselves or allows for the use of the information. For example, via the form on the web page, via email, via telephone, via mail or different types of social networks or services by which IQ Dent is available for contact. In special cases, when the law allows it, user data can be gathered from other sources.

Which data is gathered?

In order for IQDent, Orthodontic clinic of dr. Grgurić to be in a position to respond to specific queries, personalize content, adjust marketing messages in accordance with the interests or behavior of each user but also to be able to enhance the user experience, the following data is gathered:

  • Personal information of the User such as their name and last name
  • The User’s email address
  • The contact number of the User
  • The messages and queries that arrive from the User, as well as their photos and xray images

The statistical data collected via cookies follow the User’s behavior on the web page, such as data on the time spent on the page, diagnostic and analytic data, data on the route and steps the User took on the page. Along with the data mentioned, data on user activity and the way the User interacts with the web page is also collected. All mentioned types of data are used exclusively in order to better understand the needs of IQ Dent service users, and to improve their user experience.

More on how data stored in cookies is used can be read in the Cookie policy. Data received from third parties, such as user information readily and publicly available from other sources allowed by law, such as social media, are combined with data received from the User themselves 

The user has the right to withhold certain personal information, but we would like to emphasize that it may have an adverse effect on the possibilities of using certain services. Some information the User is obliged to give, while the Orthodontic clinic dr. Grgurić, as the data processing Handler, is obliged to process them in accordance with the Health care law.

How is the data used?

The data gathered can be used for the following:

  • Answering specific queries of the User, and queries connected to use of services
  • For the ability to contact the User in connection to treatment, which can include data processing to create a treatment plan and to create an offer
  • To improve user experience on the website as well as to improve the services we offer
  • To provide more relevant advertising, that is placing adverts which are in tune to the interests of the User.
  • Sending promotional notifications via email.
  • Market research and analysis in order to better understand the users needs and to enable providing excellent service
  • Analytical and statistical data processing in order to better understand the user and the way they use our services, web page and all the subpages
  • Sharing personal information with the data processing contractors such as IT or infrastructure partners, marketing partners, bookkeeping service or our accommodation organization partner
  • For the necessary processing purposes in accordance with the Health care law and other laws that prescribe it

Apart from that, for the purpose of data processing, platforms which are contractors of IQDent are used. IQDent has a usage agreement and a personal information protection agreement with those contractors. In order for IQDent to reach existing users, they could be put into a personal information database. This applies exclusively to users who gave their consent. This is done to enable the showing of ad campaigns only to users who gave consent and to use advertising as an activity on such as gathering via Facebook Pixel which is embedded into the code of the web page itself.

Business applications are used to store business documents, and may contain User personal information, email communication with partners and with potential and existing users.

How is data stored?

The gathered user data is stored on owned servers located in Croatia, and cloud servers in the EU and USA. Only data that is not outside the purposes listed in the Privacy policy and for the use of which the User has explicitly consented is gathered and processed. In extreme cases not listed here the User will be duly notified. The protection of privacy of the user’s personal information is permanent.

Measures concerning the protection of personal data are in accordance with the General personal information protection regulation. As such they will be given extra attention. According to the Medical documentation law, medical data will be kept for 10 years after the end of treatment. Bookkeeping data will be kept for 11 years in accordance with the Bookkeeping law. For additional information about who, how, and how long keeps the aforementioned user data, please contact IQ Dent by email. Analytical cookies of the domain are currently being stored on the User’s device.

How is the User’s personal information protected?

The User’s personal information, and their protection is taken very seriously. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure that all personal data is protected. The measures taken are:

The rulebook for client data protection and processing of the IQ Dent orthodontic clinic dr. Grgurić, 14 Charles Darwin street, 10000 Zagreb.

Assessing the risk and safety of the IT equipment and servers through which the aforementioned data is stored.

Using only trusted data storage servers.

All employees are educated and trained to understand the importance of confidentiality, and to be able to keep user data protected.

Naming an official person for personal data protection and keeping.

Carefully choosing data processing handlers and signing contracts for their protection.

Personal data will never be delivered, sold or given to a third party except for those listed in the Privacy policy and those that have the Personal data protection contract.

The exceptions for data delivery to third parties are if it is necessary to protect the vital interests of the users, demanded by the law, needed for legal processes, explicitly asked for by the user or necessary to respond to the user’s query.

IQ Dent reserves the right to keep user data which will not be processed anymore, for statistical purposes. As well as that IQ Dent reserves the right to keep communication history which will not be processed. Along with that, the aforementioned data will be protected from any unauthorized access.

Even with the existence of all of the measures that IQ Dent takes to protect personal user data, we would like to emphasize that no data protection medium is completely secure.

The rights of the users concerning personal information?

Every user has the right to, at any point in time, ask to exercise their rights concerned with personal information, which are:

  • The right to inspect personal data and the purpose of their processing.
  • The right to change or delete personal data.
  • The right to limit data processing and to change the purpose of processing.
  • The right to send personal data.
  • The right to revoke data processing consent.

The user can exercise their rights by sending an email to

If you, as the user, have any questions connected to data processing or data protection, feel free to contact us via email by mail at Orthodontic clinic dr. Grgurić, 14 Charles Darwin street, 10000 Zagreb.

In case you consider that your data is not being handled in accordance with the Personal information protection law and GDPR regulations, and you cannot handle the issue by cooperating with us, you can file a complaint to the supervising body – Personal data protection agency, 14 Martić’s street, 10000 Zagreb.