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General terms and conditions

The publisher of the page is the Orthodontic clinic of dr. Grgurić, located at 14 Charles Darwin street, 10000 Zagreb, OIB: 15261283977, and by the aforementioned page gives relevant information about products and services. The user of the aforementioned page is the natural or legal person who has accessed the page.

The terms and conditions here mentioned, that apply to the page and all its subpages describe the rules and terms of use. The user agrees with all of the stated terms and conditions of the aforementioned page, and accepts its use.

The user reserves the right to use this web page and its subpages and is not able to transfer their right to other natural or legal persons. The user is familiar with the fact that technical difficulties could be experienced in the work of the internet connection or by some other events out of the control of the Publisher, and that the Publisher is not liable for any and all loss of data which can arise during the transfer of data over the internet.

Changes to these terms and conditions reserves the right to change or cancel any part of running a business at any moment. Things such as working hours, content, equipment necessary to access or use the web pages. has the right to, at any moment and without earlier notice, cancel or modify any of Terms and conditions and the Privacy policy mentioned here. The changes can include the instatement of charges or payments. If there is a change in the Terms of use, and the user continues using the Publisher’s page they are considered to have accepted the Terms of use in their modified state. Any change in the General terms of business will be posted on the Publisher’s web page.

Obligations and duties of the user

Every user is obligated to use the website strictly in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Croatia, as well as general moral and ethical principles. Users are strictly forbidden from using the website to post or distribute materials which can endanger other persons or that in any way infringes on their rights. The user is strictly forbidden from using the website for any type of commercial, religious, political or non-commercial promotion or to invite other Users to become members of an online or offline service that represents a direct or indirect competition to the Publisher.

Intellectual property

All materials on the website are the property of the Orthodontic clinic of dr. Grgurić, and as such are protected by law. is the copyright holder of any and all materials of the aforementioned page.

It is prohibited to distribute, copy, publish or change the aforementioned website without strict written permission by IQDent. Any breaking of this prohibition can lead to infringement of copyright or other rights and can lead to unwanted consequences. This can be, but are not limited to, starting litigation, and can lead to persecution. The user is forbidden from changing, publishing, sharing, creating derivations or in any way using any of the materials from the aforementioned website.

The user of the aforementioned site is committing themselves to not make available any material under copyright without the strict permission of the copyright holder. The posting of the user’s material to any part of the site the user guarantees they have given legally, free of charge and without limitations to the Publisher. The Publisher has the right to reproduce, modify, post, translate and distribute said material. All other users have the right to accessing, viewing and saving said material purely for personal use.

Computer equipment

The procurement and maintenance of computer equipment, as well as other equipment used when accessing the website is the users own responsibility. IQDent is excluded from any liability for the damage done to the equipment or other property of the User which can arise as a consequence of using the website.


IQDent has the right to, at any moment, perform control of the content of the website to ensure it respects all of the aforementioned Terms and conditions and the laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia. IQDent reserves the right of removing material that it has judged not in accordance with the terms and conditions posted here, as well as the ability to terminate any user account connected in breaking the terms and conditions.


The policies and procedures connected to data as well as the way they are gathered and processed, and the protection of privacy and personal data are described in the Privacy policy..


By posting comments, messages or other information on the website, the User gives the Orthodontic clinic the right to use the data in promotional, marketing or market research purposes,or any other legally allowed purpose.

User privacy protection and use of cookies

Cookies represent any information stored on the user’s computer by the site they visit. Cookies are used to save user preferences and their site preferences such as language or address. After a user visits the site again their browser sends the saved cookies to the site. This way a customized experience is given, based on the needs of the User. To ensure safe site operation and its future upgrades, a very small amount of cookies is stored to the User’s computer. If the User does not change the settings by which their consent could be revoked the User is understood as accepting the use and storing of cookies to their computer. In case the User decides not to accept cookies they will not be stored on the User’s computer. The User will still be able to use the website but there is a possibility that some capabilities will not be available. More details on the use, storage and blocking of cookies can be found in our Cookie policy.

Guarantee and limited responsibility declaration

The use of the pages of the IQDent orthodontic clinic of dr. Grgurić, 14 Charles Darwin street, 10000 Zagreb is the User’s own risk. The IQDent orthodontic clinic or any associated person cannot guarantee that the use of the site will not be disabled at any given moment or that there will not be technical difficulties in its operation. The responsibility declaration is concerned with any damages or injuries that may occur by error, deletion, interruption, computer virus, or any other action.

The User agrees by using the site that IQDent is not responsible for the inappropriate or illegal actions of other users or third parties and that the risk of potential damages is completely on the User. The Publisher is in no way responsible for the content that the User or any unauthorized user of the site can post or publish on it. Any content not in accordance with the General terms and conditions of the site can be removed at any moment without prior announcement or explanations.

Damage compensation

The User agrees that in case of any damages that arise from the usage of the IQDent website they will not hold accountable the Publisher or any subsidiaries, persons responsible, employees or agents for any compensation for damages or costs, including the cost of legal representation.

Business relationship termination has the right to terminate the business relationship with any user, at any time by terminating their passwords and user accounts. That does not mean that the terms that apply to the responsibilities and obligations of the users stop applying. IQDent does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any content on the aforementioned site posted by the user, third parties or unauthorized users. IQDent also cannot be held accountable for any losses or damages that occur because the user relied on the information gained from using the website.

Final provisions

IQDent orthodontic clinic of dr. Grgurić will respect the directives that stipulate that advertising cannot be targeted at persons younger than eighteen years of age. It will not in any way intimidate potential users or show unreal industry cases. IQDent orthodontic clinic of dr. Grgurić will advertise in accordance with the law and the rules of the profession in an ethical way. Any legal disputes that can arise from using the website will fall under the jurisdiction of the court located in Zagreb. It is considered that the User has read and accepted the General terms of business by visiting the site or by registering for a user account.