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Cookie policy

Cookies are all the information stored on the user’s computer by the web page they visit. Cookies are used to save user preferences, and their web page preferences (preferred language or address). After the user visits the site in question again, the browser sends the cookies back to the page. 

​​In case the user does not accept cookies, they won’t be stored on the user’s computer. The user will still be able to use the web page but there is a possibility that some site capabilities are limited or unavailable.

How are cookies used?

The pages of can use cookies and store them on the user’s computer. The cookies are used to know when the user has visited the web page and to enhance the user experience by personalizing content and showing relevant ads that might be of interest.

Necessary cookies

Cookies are primarily used to allow the web page and the materials it contains to function as intended and to satisfy the technical conditions for the normal functioning of This type of cookies are called essential cookies. Due to the fact that they are essential for the normal functioning of the site, the user cannot disable them but they can delete them or block them in the settings of their web browser.

Statistical and marketing cookies

IQDent uses statistical cookies to track the traffic of the page and subpages in order to analyze the way users interact with the page. Using statistical cookies it is possible to analyze the efficiency of marketing activities. All the information gathered using statistical cookies help IQDent optimize their web page to improve the user experience.

Marketing cookies are collected to provide the user with relevant ads that are relevant to their interests and for remarketing ads. Information and data collected by third parties do not include personal data which could be used to identify the user (Name, last name, telephone number, email, etc.)

Can cookies be turned off?

Cookies can be turned off in the cookie settings which are used for statistical and marketing cookies. The essential cookies are managed in the browser settings.

By turning off or blocking cookies the user can still browse and use the page. But, there is a possibility that this will disable some functionalities of the page, rendering them unavailable to the user.

What data is gathered?

The data gathered by cookies is the IP address, how the web page was used, and the data of behavior and habits of the user.

How can I get additional information on cookies?

If you have additional questions and you want to know more about cookies, we implore you to contact us via email.