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Marko Grgurić, dr. med. Dent. spec. orthodontics

Find out everything about doctor Marko Grgurić.

About the doctor

Dr. Marko Grgurić specialized in orthodontic and is the owner of the IQDENT orthodontics practice in Zagreb.

Marko Grgurić, dr. med. Dent. spec. Orthodontics was born in 1990 in Zagreb. In 2014 he graduated from the Medical College in Rijeka.While studying there he was twice awarded as best dental medicine student of the year.

In 2015 he enrolled in his specialization at the Stomatological Faculty in Zagreb.In 2018 he successfully took his specialization exam in orthodontics and became an – orthodontics specialist..

Dr. Grgurić was part of an education program in Japan as part of a clinical program of the Dental medicine and surgery, and maxillofacial surgery institution of the Hyogo College of Medicine under the leadership of professor Hiromitsu Kishimoto.

He likes to put special emphasis on biomechanics and moving the boundaries of orthodontic treatment by using mini-implants (skeletal anchorages) about which he led education on an international level. Apart from that, he has also developed his own transparent appliance system – IQalign.