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About us

With our every patient interaction and every procedure or decision made we try to offer as quality a service as possible, taking into account the newest findings which we then reason and implement into practice.

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We want to take orthodontics and dental medicine to a new level. We also feel it is our duty. The staff at IQDENT are Marko Grgurić spec. ortodoncije and his team. When planning each orthodontic treatment and at each checkup, orthodontist Marko Grgurić makes decisions through which he defines the next steps and comes closer to the end goal – the correct teeth positioning and graceful smile that both he and the patient can be proud of.

The passion for problem solving, innovation, physics and biomechanics combined with critical thinking without the need for exaggeration and baseless sympathizing that some other brands do, are the markings that our orthodontist is proud of. It is our great wish to help patients to find the truth backed up by relevant scientific facts in the sea of information.


Going beyond a pretty smile

Orthodontics to us isn’t ‘teeth straightening’. It isn’t an empty promise of a perfect smile in however many months without basis and with a limited approach to complex problems. In conversation with our patients we like to point out and explain the whole of the problem and the eventual consequences, and give realistic solutions. Our solutions are as fast as they can be while still giving results and maintaining service quality without compromise.

We like to say that we prefer the ‘fastest slow’ approach. We always listen to the preferences of our patients and, when possible, meet them so that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. Sometimes though, the preferences of the patient, despite best intentions, can lead to compromise in the results of the treatment concerning smile and face esthetics, and health of the teeth and bite. That’s when the patient should be made aware of the issue and offered an alternative course of action.

Through innovative thinking and approaching the problem in new ways one can usually please most, if not all of the patient’s wishes and preferences without compromising the end result.

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A small, specialist clinic

Our wish and idea to become and stay a small, specialist clinic that creates big, stable and lasting results has only one end goal – to provide detailed care to the patient and offer them the highest level of orthodontic service quality. Orthodontics are often intertwined with other specializations, which means we’re in constant touch and cooperation with other specialists and dental medicine doctors. That allows each and every one of us to do a job we can be proud of and our patients can be satisfied with. We are fueled by the trust of our patients and we do not want to betray it on any level.


Featured orthodontic services

We would like to point out the types of treatment from the field of orthodontics with which we bring back full esthetics and functionality of smile and bite to our patients.

Orthodontics through clear aligners

Transparent appliances for teeth correction known as aligners or clear aligners, also known as clear braces.

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Mini-implants (TADs)

Orthodontic mini-implants are titanium or steel small diameter screws. Unlike standard implants, the purpose of mini-implants in orthodontics isn’t replacing lost teeth but offering an additional anchor. They have greatly expanded the possibilities of orthodontic treatment.

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Orthodontics with braces and wires

Fixed orthodontic appliances are brackets that are set to the front of the teeth and are connected by wire which is replaced or tightened as the treatment progresses.

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