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Orthodontist in Zagreb

Specialist orthodontic clinic IQDENT

IQDENT is a specialist orthodontic clinic and orthodontist in Zagreb which, through its service, goes beyond just pretty smiles. Orthodontics are more than just “teeth straightening” to us. You can see why in our patient gallery and blog. We offer complete and thorough orthodontic care oriented towards long-term results.


award for excellence 2023 - IQDENT

Marko Grgurić, dr. med. dent. spec. orthodontics – founder of IQDENT ORTHODONTIC CLINIC

The idea of opening the private orthodontic clinic IQDENT arose from the need for offering orthodontic and other services from the field of dental medicine beyond just pretty smiles.

We’re a small, specialist clinic for big results. That’s what we plan to stay because I feel that only dedication and knowing each and every patient in a smaller facility can offer the level of quality service that I strive for. The orthodontist and every member of our team is passionate for what they do and are here to stay. With all of the most sophisticated equipment, we hold people as most important.

I want to offer patients a different, new approach towards solving their orthodontic and other connected problems concerning teeth and jaw, by utilizing the highest levels of orthodontic treatment. These solutions are, to the surprise of many of my patients, less invasive, biologically better, longer lasting and economically affordable.


Orthodontic treatment

Unfortunately, the market in recent years has been bombarded with quick, half-baked solutions that quickly require touching up and repairs which are often more complicated than the original ailment.

In spite of all the “quick” solutions, my orthodontic treatment philosophy is “the quickest slow one”. That means that after the treatment plan each next step is thoroughly analyzed and planned so that the treatment itself can be as quick as possible with a result that doesn’t compromise esthetics, function or longevity.

The treatment plan and the type of orthodontic appliance are always adjusted to the individual for the purpose of attaining a functional, quality and, in the long run, most stable result. Every suggested orthodontic procedure or treatment from the field of dental medicine is one that I would suggest to myself or people close to me. I always want to provide the patient with the maximum of what orthodontics can offer.

In today’s time these possibilities have been greatly expanded upon, especially with the advent of mini-implants (skeletal anchors). The closing of space in places where teeth were lost by using the patient’s healthy teeth is one of the magical things that modern orthodontics has to offer, but not many people know about or consider. This way issues from the field of dental medicine can be solved in a more biologically and economically acceptable way. For examples visit our gallery.



What drives us each day is the trust of people such as you and our main goal is not to betray that trust. Either economically, through expertise or as people.

Location and availability

You will love both our location and availability. At IQDENT we love green and smart solutions. Along with the rush hour, looking for parking space is one of the most stressful things about Zagreb.

We have secured our patients free parking spots for cars and a covered parking for electrical bicycles and scooters along with a charging station.

Orthodontist in Zagreb -we’re located in the new housing estate on Heinzl street at the address Charles Darwin street 14 in Zagreb.


Patient reviews

Numerous patients have given us their trust and awarded us with reviews.

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“An excellent clinic and an even better orthodontist. Dr. Marko Grgurić is extremely meticulous and dedicated to each patient.“

Amir Kashiba


“Dr. Grgurić is an extremely meticulous orthodontist who does his work professionally and leaves nothing to chance. If you need a top orthodontist, I absolutely recommend it to everyone.“

Andrea Perković


“An excellent and conscientious orthodontist. A very pleasant atmosphere, attentive approach and a lot of knowledge deserve every recommendation. Thank you Dr. Grgurić and see you again!“

Katharina Rostaš


“Orthodontist Dr. Marko Grgurić and his team are top ​​in orthodontic therapy. By far the best orthodontist in the city of Zagreb.“

Mislav Jularić


“The practice has a friendly staff with orthodontic specialists who really invest their time, effort and attention to detail. By far the best orthodontist in Zagreb!“

Karlo Koloda

The orthodontic services we provide

At the IQDENT orthodontic clinic we offer a variety of services from the field of orthodontics through which we adjust and correct our patients’ teeth position and solve issues connected with overbite or underbite.

The services we provide are orthodontics through self-aligning brackets, orthodontics through clear aligners, mini-implants (TADS), child orthodontics, and orthodontics combined with orthodontic surgery.

Depending on your preferences and the state of teeth positioning, at our clinic you can use fixed braces and clear aligners (aligner, invisalign) for adjusting teeth of the upper and lower jaw.


Featured orthodontic services

We would like to point out the types of treatment from the field of orthodontics with which we bring back full esthetics and functionality of smile and bite to our patients.

Orthodontics through clear aligners

Transparent appliances for teeth correction known as aligners or clear aligners, also known as clear braces.

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Mini-implants (TADs)

Orthodontic mini-implants are titanium or steel small diameter screws. Unlike standard implants, the purpose of mini-implants in orthodontics isn’t replacing lost teeth but offering an additional anchor. They have greatly expanded the possibilities of orthodontic treatment.

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Orthodontics with braces and wires

Fixed orthodontic appliances are brackets that are set to the front of the teeth and are connected by wire which is replaced or tightened as the treatment progresses.

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The most important truth about orthodontics


If I had to point out a single thing that I would like my patients to realize it would be that good orthodontic treatment is like life, a career or a sports competition. It’s made up of continually making good decisions at each checkup and when planning the treatment.

No single brace, aligner, 3D planned appliances, artificial or human intelligence can forecast all the steps of treatment without oversight. That would be like having to predict chess moves without knowing what your opponent can play. In the case of good orthodontic treatment, we have two unpredictable rivals. The first is the cellular response of the human body and the response of teeth to biomechanics. That response is completely individual and depends on countless factors. The second is biomechanics itself whose mouth segments are impossible to measure and is called an undetermined system of forces.

Unfortunately, it is much easier to falsely spin the term ‘victory’ in the marketing of orthodontics than in chess. That’s why in recent years we see a lot of headlines about the 100% success rate of certain systems, despite the fact that the term ‘success’ isn’t clearly defined. We see talk of “quick” orthodontics without the mention that it ignores 70% of orthodontic problem that the patient has and is quicker only because it does less than half the work a quality orthodontic treatment should do.

Only a good orthodontist, a specialist in orthodontics with effort, concentration and will, can create a detailed orthodontic treatment plan. Only they can consider every factor that influences the treatment. Choose an orthodontic appliance that aligns with the patient’s wishes and the demands of anomaly. And pick optimal biomechanical steps to a treatment which will be taken at each checkup. This is the only way which will maximally speed up the orthodontic treatment process without losing quality and achieving a great result – the thing that the patient is here for. In our works gallery you will find examples of our level of quality.

In case we want to perform a good orthodontic therapy, we have two unpredictable rivals. One is the cellular response of the human body and teeth to biomechanics which is individually different and depends on countless factors, and the second is biomechanics, all segments of which are not possible measure in the mouth, and is called an indeterminate system of forces.

Contact us and make an appointment.

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Can I choose the type of braces used during the course of the orthodontic treatment?

There are many different types of braces. When planning the treatment we try to suit our patients’ preference but the recommendation should be made on a case-by-case basis by orthodontics specialists. In our case, dr. Marko Grgurić.

Is the examination for minors billed?

The first orthodontic examination for minors is billed 30€. If the patient decides to undergo treatment the amount is deducted from the total for the treatment.

What is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a doctor specialized in orthodontics, a branch of dentistry that concerns itself with the prevention and correction of the irregularities of the jaw and teeth. Orthodontists use different methods such as braces, retainers and other appliances to help patients attain a regular and functional bite, as well as esthetics of the smile.

How can I make an appointment for an examination?

You can schedule via contact form on our website, email or phone call. Visit us at our orthodontic clinic and our personnel will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Where are you located?

The IQDent orthodontic clinic is located at 14 Charles Darwin street in the new housing estate on Heinzl street in Zagreb. You don’t have to worry about parking because we have secured free parking spaces for our patients. And because we love smart and green solutions, we have a covered parking for electric bicycles and scooters along with a charging station.

Stomatologist, dentist or orthodontist – what’s the difference?

The difference between a stomatologist, a dentist, and an orthodontist is as follows:

  • Stomatoligists: a person that has finished their five-years study at the Stomatological faculty. A stomatologist practices the healing of teeth, gums, sinuses, joints of the jaw and illnesses of the oral cavity. We should regularly go to the stomatologist for checkups of the general state of our teeth, cleaning of dental scaling, treatment of cavities and getting advice on how to maintain our oral health.
  • Dentist: A term often used as a synonym for a stomatologist, but in fact refers to people who have finished a two-year dentist school during the 1950’s and 60’s. The term dentist is still used by many even though that profession no longer exists.
  • Orthodontist: A stomatologist specialized in orthodontics. Orthodontics is the study of the esthetics of teeth, the jaw and face, and is focused on the growth, development and maintenance of the dentofacial complex. An orthodontist diagnoses and corrects problems with overbite and underbite and the positioning of the teeth with the help of functional and corrective dental appliances. Oral hygiene matters and it’s important to regularly visit your stomatologist to maintain oral hygiene and for preventive examinations. If the need for a specialist examination arises, your somatologist will direct you to an orthodontist or other specialists so that the problem can be taken care of as soon as possible.

Contact information


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